Map and Directions

Maps & Directions for Hollevoet Orthodontics

We know that a large part of finding quality Bismarck orthodontics has to do with the ease of navigating to the orthodontist’s office. Here at Hollevoet Orthodontics, we want to provide children and adults with the best orthodontic care possible, which means we want patients to be able to find us easily so we can assist them. Whether is adolescent or adult orthodontic care, here you will find helpful information for our Bismarck and Dickinson offices.

Our Bismarck Office

Our Bismarck office is not overly difficult to find. If you are traveling east or west on Divide Avenue, one side of the street has plenty of land and the other has houses and buildings. Just turn onto 9th St. (turn right if you’re heading west; turn left if you’re heading east) and you’ll find us just past Unitarian Universalist. Our address is 1714 N. 9th St. in Bismarck, ND. You know you’ve gone too far west if you come to the First Baptist Church. You’ve gone too far east if you pass by the U.S. Bank.

Our Dickinson Office

Our Dickinson office is located at 1119 Sims St. in Dickinson, ND. We are not far past Lincoln Elementary School if you are traveling north on Sims St. We can also be reached from Osborn Drive. Just continue past the River of Life Church International until you approach the end of the street. We are the last left before you reach Sims St. You have traveled too far north if you make it to the Dickinson Convention & Visitor Center.


  • Bismarck Location


    1714 N. 9th. St.
    Bismarck, ND 58501

  • Devils Lake Location


    501 5th. Ave. S.E.
    Devils Lake, ND 58301

  • Dickinson Location


    1119 Sims St.
    Dickinson , ND 58601

Come See Us Today

We understand the importance of seeking help from the best Bismarck and Dickinson orthodontist, so don’t let something like being unsure of where the office is located stop you from getting the help you need. For further questions regarding the locations of our offices, please give us a call at 1-800-727-2402. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist. We can also provide you with useful information, such as which dental forms to bring or what to expect on a first visit. Come see us today!